Theodore Lupin

John Amedori as Theodore Lupin

Theodore Remus Lupin is the son of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin and is also the Pure Blood Metamorphmagus Charms Professor at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft. He is also known as; Theo, Ted and Teddy. He is 21 years old and was born on the Nineteenth of April. He is heterosexual and is kind of a Canon Character of A Changed Hogwarts. He is a former Gryffindor and one of the newest Hogwarts Staff members. Theodore's wand is 12 3/4 inches made of mahogany and the core is dragon heart string.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Theodore Lupin is a metamorphmagus so he can change his appearance at will. He usualy has brown hair which falls to just above his shoulders and matches the colour of his eyes. He usualy dresses casual and is rarely seen in formal attire. He stands at around 6 foot and has a slim physic.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Theodore Lupin is a lot like his mother and father in different ways. His normal attitude is relaxed and fun loving a lot like his mother but he has been known to become serious much like his father. His likes include Charms, Quidditch, Creatures, his Metamorphmagus powers and Junk Food. His pet peeves are bullying, people that think there better then everyone else, Dementors and cocky people. Although he is a metamorphmagus he hasn't got full control of his powers and sometimes his hair colour changes to express his feelings at that point in time. His worst fear is to be forgotten. Theodore Lupin may not look like it but he has a built up anger inside of him that needs some kind of revenge for his parents death even though there murderer has too passed away.


Theodore Remus Lupin was born on the nineteenth of April. He was named after Nymphadora's father, Ted Tonks who was killed shortly before Theodore's birth and his father Remus Lupin who died in the battle of Hogwarts along with his Mother Nymphadora Tonks. Theodore was raised by Nymphadora's widowed mother. Although he visited the Weasleys, Malfoys and the Potters often. He was brought up in a happy home surrounded by people who loved him but has never gotten over the loneliness he had to cope with as a young child with no parents. Theodore then went off to Hogwarts and got sorted into Gryffindor, he had a few adventures there but nothing as bit as the ones Harry Potter, Hermione Malfoy and Ronald Weasley had. He then left and lived with his Grandmother for a while until Hermione invited him to teach Charms at Hogwarts which he accepted.


Remus LupinEdit

Remus Lupin is Theodore Lupin's father and even though Theodore hasn't got many memories of his father he misses him and cherishes everything he has to do with both of his parents.

Nymphadora TonksEdit

Nymphadora Tonks is Remus Lupin's other and even though Teddy hasn't got many memories of her he misses her and has inherited her Metamorphmagus abilities and cherishes the link it gives him to his mother.

Hermione MalfoyEdit

Hermione Malfoy is Theodore's God mother and Teddy spent a lot of his time around at the Malfoys place and grew close to Hermione and her children although he isn't too keen on Draco.

Harry PotterEdit

Harry Potter is Theodore's God Father and Theo spent a lot of time when he was younger at the Potters and grew close to the Entire Potter Family.

Andromeda TonksEdit

Andromeda Tonks is Teddy's Grandmother and she raised Theodore scince he was little, she is like a mother to Theodore but is no replacement for Nymphadora.

The Weasley FamilyEdit

Theodore spent a lot of time when he was younger at the burrow and befriended every single one of the Weasleys untill he grew close to them and felt like a part of there family.

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